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We specialize in building from the most modern, to the most vintage and uniquely designed, fishing rods that you could ever imagine, as well as repairing and restoring your own personal rods, reels, and fishing equipment.

Custom Fishing Rods

There are many details involved in the process of building and customizing a fishing rod down to each component required and the materials used to craft them. If you are unfamiliar with the components you should use to build a complete custom fishing rod that fits your style of fishing, there’s no need to worry because we have the expert experience and knowledge to help you get exactly what you’re seeking.

We mean it when we say Fully Customized

There’s no kidding around when we say that we offer the full extent of customization. There are many choices to make when selecting the components that will ultimately define your fishing rod build and experience. Here are some to get your mindset around before you make your first custom order. Remember, anything else you might be unsure of, we are happy to help you sort out once you place your order.

Rod Repair

A snapped fishing rod is definitely nothing to worry about, as long as it snapped near the butt end. With our background and experience dealing with thousands of builds, refinishes, and repairs including broken guides, tops, butts, reel seats, and gimbals, you can rest assured that your rod will be both beautiful and functional once again.

Reel Repair

Whether you’re having an issue with a faulty internal bail spring, level wind, or a noisy bearing, and or simply having parts that are worn out or corroded, feel free to give us a call to repair and restore your reels into a fully functional state of use. Regardless of the state of your reels, we always recommend yearly maintenance.

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